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A Community for Takashima Kazusa Fans

maxmaximum on LJ

maxmaximum on LJ
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A Community for Takashima Kazusa Fans
about us
  • Simply put, we are a community to help bring this wonderful artist to the fans!
  • This community is semi-members only. All downloads and NC-17 or 18+ content are only available to members. Go here to learn how to join PROPERLY. Aside from that, you MUST abide by the rules below or be banned.
  • What's behind the name? "maxmaximum" is what sensei calls her website (both new and old). The "TK" is her initials.

  1. Images over 450x450 pixels must be under an lj-cut.
  2. Posts that are not safe for work must be under an lj-cut with a warning.
  3. Posts must be related to Takashima Kazusa or her work or they will be deleted.
  4. Do NOT discuss the Takashima Kazusa / Kayono issue in this community. Sensei is over it; we must as well.
  5. TAG YOUR ENTRIES. This will make things easier to find for others. Here is a list of our tags.
  6. Please use common courtesy when posting! Things like a "thank you" when snagging something would be nice. ^_^


Sister Community #TakashimaKazusaFans on deviantArt.

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